3 films that You need to know.

You have consumed me. I can’t stop thinking about scenes in my head. I long to see you but I know that I can’t rush things.

I’ve just finished the Netflix smash, You. Admittedly, I thought it was a guilty pleasure that I was pressured into watching. “That’s sad. People [watching Netflix shows] because of what’s popular, and not because they want to be moved or changed in some way”. Oh, wait, that’s season 1 sorry.

However, I found that I was not alone. On my social media I saw other guys that I wouldn’t expect watching the show (Tyga for one). So, I thought of DaBaby as he ate that hot wing and finished season 1 and started season 2.

It does remind me of a wattpad story (stories that I have never read for the record, but what I’d imagine them to be like). There are far too many coincidences and Joe (I mean Will) still hasn’t learnt that he needs to be careful when handling people’s heads. Despite this, it is entertaining, strangely addictive and makes me challenge myself.

What was even more interesting for me however, was the constant film references made in the new season. A lot of thanks must go to Ellie (Jenna Ortega). She put Joe (Penn Badgely) on so I think it’s only right that I do the same.  

The Big Lebowski (1998)

I remember less about the story but more about the feeling of this film. Dry comedy, sub-plots and great character acting from Steve Buscemi (Donny). A film inspired by the work of Raymond Chandler, which ties in with the storyline of You, where Joe reads Farewell, My Lovely. We see the film referenced by Ellie when she tells Joe to “blow” on her toenails. This is a nod to a funny moment in the film when Bunny Lebowski (Tara Reid) tells The Dude (Jeff Bridges) to blow her toenails because she can’t reach. Plus, she offers to “suck your [the Dude’s] cock for $1000” with an extra $100 thrown in for good measure, if Brandt (Philip Hoffman), the Big Lebowski’s (Peter Stormare) personal assistant, watches. All of this happens while Bunny’s nihilistic husband, the Big Lebowski, is laid out asleep on a blue inflatable. If that sounds like the kind of thing you’re in to, The Big Lebowski is the film for you.

The Big Sleep (1949)

Next, onto a film adaptation of a Chandler novel, The Big Sleep. Again, it’s Ellie, the movie buff, who introduces Joe to the noir film, after he didn’t tell Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) about Ellie meeting with Henderson (Chris D’Elia). It has some features of the Netflix show, like murder, a bookseller and a private detective. There’s also a scene where Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) hits the owner of the bookshop (Dorothy Malone) with one of the smoothest one-liners. After she points out that it’s raining, Marlowe replies that he’s “got a bottle of pretty good rye in my pocket. I’d a lot rather get wet in here”. Now that’s what I call game! Joe is good too but he should take notes. To think that’s not even Ellie’s favourite Philip Marlowe. So, I can’t wait to watch this film along with The Long Goodbye.

Rear Window (1954)

Lastly, a cinematic masterpiece by Leytonstone’s very own, Alfred Hitchcock. Daily offender, crazy Eastender indeed. Henderson makes reference to the film after watching Ellie’s work, saying “I saw some Rear Window and a little bit of Florida Project but with your own pathos”, all before he tried to take advantage of her. The film is from the perspective of L.B. Jeffery (James Stewart), a photographer, who is stuck in his apartment. The idea of seeing things from the protagonist’s viewpoint resonates with You and it involves mystery and murder. It also emphasises the importance of doing what makes you happy as you see into the lives of his neighbours, “Miss Torso”, “Miss Lonelyhearts” and the pianist. Be with someone who makes you happy. I thought that’s what Joe was doing until…well, I guess we’ll find out in season 3. Similar to Hitchcock, all is revealed at the end and the viewer is constantly doubting themselves and unsure of who to side with.

I hope you enjoy these films as much as you enjoyed You. There are plenty more films referenced that aren’t included on the list but I thought these tied in best with the premise of the series. So, in the wait between season 2 and 3, you can tide yourself over with some great films.

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