How to bake off during self-isolation

Wednesday was madness. I had just finished revising when my mum came home and asked to watch the news. Imagine the anger I felt when Boris Johnson told the country that exams in May and June were cancelled. Those are hours of revision that I can’t get back.

But seriously, the decision did confuse me because no exams leaves me with little structure. It seems as if no one really knows what is going to happen as we’re adapting everyday. I think the most important thing is not to stress so I came up with a ‘bake off’ guide to follow through the self-isolation/social distancing period.

“My brudda got a sentence, came out bolo and Muslim” (J Hus, 2017)

I know for some people, staying at home could feel like jail. What are you going to do with yourself all day?

But, even in prison there are opportunities. You know the classic tale of men going into prison with a lack of faith and coming out as J Hus (conscious and a firm believer in banging 120 push ups a day).

On a more serious note, you could use the self-isolation period to work on yourself. If you have faith, it could be a chance to strengthen it. And if you don’t, you could strengthen yourself by doing exercise or reading.

Everyone’s set up is different but for me it’s a great chance for both since I have both weights and books at home. If neither of those things suit you, find a hobby. I just know I’ll soon be a hench Malcolm X.

Bake off

Similar to Love in the Netflix original series, You, baking helps to calm me down. Whenever I would feel sad, I would just bake. It would mainly be to cheer up others (which is difficult in this period of self-isolation) but it also helps to cheer you up. You feel as if you’ve been productive and have a tasty reward at the end of it.

It’s also a great chance to listen to cooking music (might have to drop a playlist) while you bake off. I’ll make sure to include One Way by Suspect if I do end up making the playlist – ‘I’m baking off with the bacons-ns’.

There is one important thing to remember though. Wash your hands you detty pig!

Stay calm

The last and most important thing though is to stay calm. It can be hard when we’re taking in so much information and the structure has been taken from our lives. However, it’s not in our control. We have to wait for more information from the government.

The best way to do this is to do what you enjoy in the meantime, which is the main message of this article.

I was watching Clint419’s Instagram story (a clothing designer) and he told everyone to send in pictures of themselves wearing the jogging bottoms that he designed. This highlighted all the key elements of how to deal with the upcoming period.

Firstly, in the pictures, people were watching Netflix, playing PlayStation or listening to music. I appreciate that this could get boring over the whole period but as a form of satisfaction, it could do for now.

Secondly, the people were obviously wearing his jogging bottoms so were comfortable. This is the time to be comfortable in yourself and be comfortable when you work, relax or learn a new skill.

Lastly, the post showed the sense of community that is going to be crucial. You’re probably going to need to be there for certain people and luckily with technology, you can be. You’re all reading this on a communication device so check in on how your friends are doing. This is new for all of us.

And as Alhan Gençay would say, “at the end of the day, it’s 11:59”. We live in a first world country. The world isn’t going to end. It is serious because people are dying. It has changed everyone’s plans. But, what can you do apart from adapt and be positive? And wash your hands, you detty pig!

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