What’s your addiction? (w/Braedon)

I was slightly reluctant to write this article because it requires me to be open and honest with myself. I was becoming quite frustrated and was losing sight of the goals that I had previously set.

I ended up having a random chat with my friend, Braedon, about betting, given the return of the Bundesliga. He said that he “won’t start properly though [beyond free bets] because he’s “the kind of person who’d develop an obsession for it”.

It got me thinking about a different Kanye West song and albumAddiction off of Late Registration. So I asked Braedon; what’s your addiction?

“I get addicted to things like gym so I can’t channel [my energy] negatively because that could easily create huge problems for me”.


This is something that I related to because I try to put my energy into positive things, although it can be difficult, especially when you have formed an attachment to things that no longer serve you.

For Braedon, these were things like drinking, negative people and Tinder. Lockdown in some ways has made it easier to give certain things up. Drinking, for instance, is a habit that can be brought on through peer pressure. And although Tinder could be particularly useful these days, lockdown has allowed people to form their own habits, with less outside pressure.

“I also don’t like being addicted to one thing because that just makes you one dimensional…if you channel the addictiveness towards different things then you’ll become good at many things”


You may call him Braedon but I call him Aristotle. We’re creatures of habit and by forming good habits, we can try to overcome our incontinent will.

Personally, I injured myself working out at home, meaning that I had a void in my day, leading me to think about my habits. I wasn’t following my workout routine correctly and had become more concerned about reps, rather than technique and my safety.

I also learned the value of exercise for your mental health because not being able to work out, meant that I didn’t have the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a set. I thought that I was going to lose my gains.

But, I’m learning to have patience because so many people get injured or have flat days. With the extra time in my day, I was getting caught up in comparisons and overthinking.

Nonetheless, I have to keep going because creating is the way in which I can get my ideas out. I just need to try and enjoy it, stay motivated and inspired. And with that being said, I will reference one last Kanye West song – Gorgeous – the namesake of my latest single, dropping on Friday.

Xaymaca Awoyungbo

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