NS10v10: Wizkid v Vybz Kartel

When I heard about this clash I was conflicted. Who should I represent? My dad’s Nigerian side and Wizkid FC? Or my mum’s Jamaican side and the Gaza?

The clash took place on Sunday and was hosted by No Signal, a music platform, which promotes black music. They have been going hard during lockdown and since this clash, they have grown immensely. It’s beautiful to see such a celebration of black music and culture, especially from homegrown guests and DJs.

Honestly, before listening to the clash, I wasn’t very familiar with either artists’ catalogues. However, I knew what both artists represented to their fanbases and their countries. Furthermore, it was going off on Twitter so I had to tune in.

So, here is my opinion based purely on what I think sounded better (I don’t know these artists’ whole discographies or the impact that each song has had) so don’t attack me, like some people did to some of the team members and guests on the show. But it definitely shouldn’t have been 10-0 to Wizkid.

I think the score ended up 6-4 to Wizkid. But, word to Jimmy Bullard, music’s always the winner. Shout out to No Signal for having no excuses and providing us with great entertainment.

Xaymaca Awoyungbo



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