Why Baby Keem should be in Euphoria season 2.

*2019 was a great time to be a teenager, simply due to the fact we could meet with our friends. We searched for mischief to our heart’s content, oblivious of the impending virus, which would change our lives. During this simpler time, one TV show depicted the lives of adolescents in an American suburb. Euphoria,Continue reading “Why Baby Keem should be in Euphoria season 2.”

How to exercise in self-isolation.

Two weeks ago, my university emailed to inform myself and my flat mates that we would have a fourteen-day period of isolation. This meant that we would be forced to remain in our rooms as much as possible as a precautionary measure to stop the virus spreading within our kitchen group and beyond. The onlyContinue reading “How to exercise in self-isolation.”

A conversation about colourism (w/Tabitha)

Last Monday I opened Twitter to see Nella Rose, Chunkz and Somalis trending. I didn’t think much of it because they’re quite popular influencers/YouTubers and at that point, were considered the people’s champions. However, I quickly realised that they were trending for the wrong reasons; as so often is the case on Twitter. Their TweetsContinue reading “A conversation about colourism (w/Tabitha)”