Ur turn: university? (w/ Elizabeth & Benaya)

From U grades to a U turn.  The government went back on their decision to determine A Level grades based on Ofqual’s algorithm on August 21st, instead opting for teacher assessed grades. It seems as if the student protests worked in overturning the government’s initial decision yet Gavin Williamson remains the Secretary for Education, despiteContinue reading “Ur turn: university? (w/ Elizabeth & Benaya)”

Black owned business (w/Kuties Hair)

Recently, I have been learning about the politicisation of hair. Phoebe Waller-Bridge said that “hair is everything” in an episode of Fleabag; “it’s the difference between a good day and a bad day…we’re meant to think that it’s a symbol of power, that it’s a symbol of fertility”. And in the black community, hair’s importanceContinue reading “Black owned business (w/Kuties Hair)”

George Floyd: when will it stop?

As everyone is aware, George Floyd, an unarmed black man, was murdered by police officer, Derek Chauvin, on May 25th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was a case similar to that of Eric Garner in 2014 because both men said “I can’t breathe” whilst being restrained by the police. Having said that, it was a caseContinue reading “George Floyd: when will it stop?”

What’s your addiction? (w/Braedon)

I was slightly reluctant to write this article because it requires me to be open and honest with myself. I was becoming quite frustrated and was losing sight of the goals that I had previously set. I ended up having a random chat with my friend, Braedon, about betting, given the return of the Bundesliga.Continue reading “What’s your addiction? (w/Braedon)”

How to bake off during self-isolation

Wednesday was madness. I had just finished revising when my mum came home and asked to watch the news. Imagine the anger I felt when Boris Johnson told the country that exams in May and June were cancelled. Those are hours of revision that I can’t get back. But seriously, the decision did confuse meContinue reading “How to bake off during self-isolation”

Fresh Voices: how to make it in media.

Last Tuesday I attended the finale of the Guardian’s Fresh Voices: A new generation for new media event. You can’t see me but I’m sitting on the steps in the right of the picture above. I had the opportunity to listen to people who already have their foot in the door of media. Tiffany CalverContinue reading “Fresh Voices: how to make it in media.”